Rumpus Interview!

Rumpus Interview!

J Ryan Stradal interviewed me last week for the Saturday Rumpus Interview. 


In which I’m interviewed over at the Other People PodCast!

I’m so excited to be starting off 2012 with a bang! The fabulous Brad Listi from the Nervous Breakdown (who I want as a guest at a Viking Dinner Party that I fantasize about having in the future. Think about it. Vikings + Dinner Party.) interviews me. over at his reallyfantastic literary podcast

I’m a subscriber and a fan and so it was a total honor to be invited to be on the show. He always has really stellar guests like Steve Almond, Edan Lepucki, Ben Loory, Jillian Lauren, Dana Spiotta, Elissa Schappell, Adam Novy. It’s probably best if you subscribe to it.

We talk about YA, and trying to live an artists life, and Star Wars, and experimental films, all art all the time and the mysterious shirt (which I still have) that always caught my eye.