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We Have Always Lived on Mars


My new story “We Have Always Lived on Mars” is up now at!!!

You can also get it for your e-reader nook, kobo*, kindle

*remember, you can get your kobo ebook from an indiebound bookstore!

the art works (which I think is absolutely perfect and totally gorgeous) is by Carl Wien.

Short Story “The Ides of March” on Rookie Magazine!

Hey all! I’ve got a new short story “The Ides of March” (and it is the Ides right now!) up at Rookie Magazine! Hope you will go read it! And just look at the awesome art work that they paired it with. swoon! thanks, Ana!


My 2012

My 2012 lit count

Novel. The Year of the Beasts illustrated by Nate Powell.

5 short stories.

“Always the Same. Till it’s Not.” Zombie Story Apex Magazine

“Wallflower” Vertigo Comics Ghosts #1 illustrated by Amy Reeder

“The Marker” in the anthology AFTER ed. by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

“Brother. Prince. Snake.” A Prince Lindworm retelling on

“To Grandmother’s House” A Red Riding Hood retelling YA Review Net

Proud editor of the YA/C Section at the LA Review of Books . We had a great 2012. Including first ePub . The one piece I wrote over LA Review of Books blog was about making art when going through trauma.

Also I loved being the Correspondence Coordinator for Letters for Kids at The Rumpus. So delighted by all the Letters for Kids for @The_Rumpus more letters coming at you in 2013. Hope you will subscribe.

Creative plan for 2013. Write More books. More comics. More everything. And restart The Literary Diaspora @litdiaspora

Happy 2013, all!

Frost and The Mailman

It’s holiday time again! And just for you to download is a tiny little holiday story I wrote (originally for Vromans bookstore in 2010) Frost and The Mailman.

A mailman, Daniel Wasserman, and one of Santa’s elves, Frost try to save Christmas after it’s discovered that Santa’s mail has been forwarded to the South Pole.

It’s probably best read aloud to your little ones.

You can download it at Amazon Nook and Kobo *


cover by Jen Wang!

*p.s. if you email me proof that you downloaded it before 12/20 and a snail mail I will mail you a holiday card! IN THE MAIL!

Zombie. Zombie. Zombie.

Today, I caught it. I think it started as an itch. Like a song stuck in your head. But it was just moaning, moaning outside my window. Then I noticed that others were getting it around me. My mom. My dad. My brother. They were shuffling. It’s the shuffle that gives it away. You think, “That person is not sick. That person wants to eat my brains.”

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada. And I’m thankful that I’ve still got my capacities, at least for today. I don’t want to be turned into one of them. Please, I’m small and stringy and more of a snack than a meal.

Let it stop. Let the leaves in the park be the only things that change anymore. I can’t take it.

In my old life, before yesterday, I wrote a story about a different kind of zombie apocalypse. A hopeful one. As if that could be possible. Here it is. It’s called Always the Same. Till it is Not – Apex Magazine October 2012 I hope you’ll read it. If you’re still out there and that you’ll find some hope in it.

Meanwhile. Since the invasion has begun and the horde is coming for you, why not start yours sweetly, with a song. I can’t get the Cranberries out of my head.

Brother. Prince. Snake.

Please enjoy my retelling of the Prince Lindworm fairy tale Brother. Prince. Snake. over at


Discussion guide for To Grandmother’s House

Attention Educators!  The YARN has done a wonderful discussion guide for Little Red Riding Hood which compares the original story and the retellings by Hanna Howard and me.  My retelling is here – To Grandmother’s House.


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