Hockey Noir: The Opera

Hockey Noir:  The Opera coming at you in May 2018

Montreal May 3&4  Tickets here

Toronto May 10 & 11 Tickets here


Banff Roundup

I am recently back from the Banff Centre for the Arts where I worked on Act 1 of my new opera, OPERA NOIR.  It is tentatively scheduled to premiere in Montreal in early 2016 with ECM+.  The libretto is by me, and the music is by Andre Ristic.  We collaborated once before on our previous opera LES AVENTURES DE MADAME MERVEILLE.

Banff was great!  I was the only writer in a music residency and it was pretty awesome.  One night, there was an open mic and so I had two artists Tilman Robinson and Alfonso Fernandez play trombone and viola behind me while I read from my book FIRST DAY ON EARTH.  Also, I attended a lecture on Bach by Christopher Bagan who also gave a harpischord performance.  Swoon.   I met amazing people there, including the fabulous Hollands.  Went to a concert by the amazing saxophone quartet QUASAR and I played the piano with my brain through software developed by composer Andre Mestre.  I’m not kidding. Proof:

Then it was off to Calgary where I did a great library visit with Forest Lawn Library and then did Breakfast Television Calgary with my pal from my Bite / Nerdy Girl days, Tara Slone.

Cecil on Breakfast Television Calgary
Thank you to everyone who helped my kickstarter to get to Banff and do Act 1 of Opera Noir.  It was totally terrific.

Travel, Opera, Occupy, NYC dates and Terri W

Travel is always good for the soul.  All that movement and new views.  In Montreal it’s so nice to be with family and old friends.  And I continue to be amazed at the performances of Madame Merveille.

There is one last showing of it in Montreal, I hope that you will come!

December 9th

Salle Jean-Eudes (maison de la culture Rosemont)
3535, boulevard Rosemont, Montréal

I’ve been a supporter of the Occupy movement and with the eviction of the OccupyLA camp last night, I wrote a little something about YA Fiction over at the LA Review of Books Blog that highlights characters who participate in rallies and actions. For those of you who know my work, Boy Proof, , The Plain Janes and Rose Sees Red all feature activism by teens.  It’s important to me.  I hope that you will go and chime in over at the LARB blog with any books that you think would be great on that list. I think that it’s essential that teens be able to find YA fiction about activism.

For those of you in New York City, I’m doing two events to support First Day on Earth.

December 7th at the Jefferson Market Branch NYPL


Teen Author Reading Night
6th Ave and 10th St
New York City, NY

Cecil Castellucci, Margie Gelbwasser, Andy Marino,  Julia Mayer, Marie Rutkoski, Delia Sherman

December 8th at Books of Wonder

18 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 989-3270


I hope that you’ll come and say hello!

And last, but not least, Terri Windling, who is a writer, artist and editor needs help.  There is a fundraiser over at Magic 4 Terri.  As I move into writing more in the Sci Fi/Fantasy genre I’ve been honored to be in two anthologies edited by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow.  Teeth and the upcoming After.  I’ve put up for auction an advanced reading copy of my new hybrid prose /graphic novel The Year of the Beasts.  Plus I’ll write you a handwritten letter.  (I love a letter!)  There are a million other amazing things to bid on.  I hope you will consider bidding on something.

Meanwhile, keep well and sing loud!

Canada Week One!

Hello my fine friends!

I am currently in OH! Canada! I spent last week in Toronto having a super swell time doing a bunch of high school visits and leading a teen writing workshop at Mable’s Fables

I even stopped by The Morning Show on Global TV to talk about my new book First Day on Earth and YA!

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(FYI you can get signed copies of any of my books from Skylight Books in Los Angeles or Mables Fables in Toronto)

Now I’m in Montreal and I’m attending the performances of the remount of the opera I wrote the libretto for Les Aventures de Madame Merveille!

There are still a few show left, so if you are in Montreal (or near Montreal) you should totally come!  It’s a live comic book opera with music by Andre Ristic and art by Cameron Stewart, Michael Cho, Pascal Girard and Scott Hepburn put on by ECM+

Below find the dates! I’ll be there! Please come and say hello! xo

November 17, 18, 19
Opera / Les Aventures de Madame Merveille
Théâtre rouge du Conservatoire
4750 Henri-Julien, Montréal

Jeudi 24 novembre 2011, 20h00
Lieu : Maison de la culture Ahuntsic
10 300, rue Lajeunesse, Montréal

Samedi 26 novembre 2011, 20h00
Lieu : Centre Segal des arts de la scène
5 170, chemin de la Côte Sainte-Catherine, Montréal

Mardi 29 novembre 2011, 20h00
Lieu : Maison de la culture Frontenac
2550 Ontario Est, Montréal

Jeudi 1 décembre 2011, 20h00
Lieu : Théâtre Centennial
2 600, rue Collège, Sherbrooke

Vendredi 9 décembre 2011, 20h00
Lieu : Salle Jean-Eudes (maison de la culture Rosemont)
3535, boulevard Rosemont, Montréal

Les Aventures de Madame Merveille! Comic Book! Opera!

I am here in Montreal, gearing up for the premiere of the opera that I wrote the libretto for (and conceived of the concept for!) Les Aventures de Madame Merveille, a live comic book opera, which was commissioned by ECM+ and the amazing artistic director Veronique Lacroix!

It’s an amazingly fun experience.  The music by Andre Ristic is fantastic.  The stage direction by Marie Josee Chartier is wonderful.  The art work by Michael Cho, Pascal Girard, Scott Hepburn and Cameron Stewart, projected and designed by Fou Malade  is incredible.  The orchestra! The singers!  Oh! The singers! They are mind blowing! Bravo to Pascale Beaudin, Pierre Etienne Bergeron, Michele Motard and Michiel Schrey.

I am so excited by this piece. It’s been almost three years in the making. And I am so happy to be able to share it with you!

So I hope you will come!  This Thursday and Friday May 6 & 7th to our show!

(or if you are a fantastic theater somewhere in the world, you should bring us to you!)

I took some pictures at dress / tech rehearsal today. behold!

Tickets are going fast! So you should call and get one!
please phone to order tickets 514-524-0173

Lieu : Maison de la culture Frontenac
2550 Ontario Est, Montréal

Billet régulier : 25$
Billet étudiant/aîné : 15$

La La La Opera!!!

Some of you know that I have been preparing for the debut of the opera that I wrote the libretto for. It’s an original comic book opera Les Aventures de Madame Merveille and it was commissioned by the ECM+ in Montreal.

It debuts May 6th & 7th and I am so proud of it. I hope if you are in Montreal or if you know people in montreal that you will let them know about it so that they will come.

This opera is a multi-media 3 dimensional comic book experience! In four movements of different “comic books” follow the adventures of a superheroine: Madame Merveille! The romance of a woman Katherine torn between two lovers! The adventure of a boy, Francois, and his dog Pax as they try to solve the mystery of a jewel thief! And the epic sci fi battle between The Malos and Gatos!

Les Aventures de Madame Merveille
musique André Ristic | livret Cecil Castelluccci
ACTE I : Madame Merveille, illustré par Cameron Stewart
ACTE II : Catherine, illustré par Michael Cho
ACTE III : François, illustré par Pascal Girard
ACTE IV : Le Docteur Klexx, illustré par Scott Hepburn

Two performances! 5/6 & 5/7

Maison de la culture Frontenac
2550 Ontario Est, Montréal

please phone to order tickets 514-524-0173

Gala opening:
May 6th at 19 h 30

régulier : 25$
student/senior/ECM+ member ticket : 15$
Gala Ticket (includes benefit soiree!) : 150$

Encore Performance:
May 7th @ 19h30

régulier : 25$
student/senior: 15$

Véronique LACROIX Direction artistique et musicale
André RISTIC Musique
Marie-Josée CHARTIER Mise en scène
Anick LA BISSONNIÈRE Scénographie
Lucie BAZZO Éclairages
Pascale MATHERON Costumes

Pascale BEAUDIN, Soprano
Michèle MOTARD, Mezzo-soprano
Michiel SCHREY, Ténor
Pierre-Étienne BERGERON, Baryton
ECM+, 7 musiciens