YA Resists

Last night twelve YA authors gathered at Skylight Books to do a reading from books for young people that highlight resistance, protest and activism.

YA Resists .jpeg

It was a very moving and powerful evening and I was thrilled to put the event together with author Diana Wagman.  It was cosponsored by PEN USA.

We compiled a list of books that we read from as well as other books with activism as a resource for those who are looking for good books for young people that have these themes.  YA Resists Reading List



New Book anouncement: From publisher’s weekly/ April 1

Castellucci, Infurnari Go with Dark Horse

YA (and graphic) novelist Cecil Castellucci sold North American rights to a currently untitled Depression-era graphic novel to Dark Horse’s Sierra Hahn. The book, which William Morris Endeavor’s Kirby Kim represented, will be illustrated by Joe Infurnari, and is currently set for a fall 2014 release. The story is set in 1932 and follows, Dark Horse said, two misfits “and a relationship built during a train-hopping journey from the cold heartbreak of their eastern homes toward the sunny promise of California.”

San Diego this Sunday!

First off, I’ll be teaching a YA writing workshop with SD Writers Ink.  You can sign up and get that kick in the butt you need for starting your YA novel!

Sunday, July 29th 10 am – 2 PM

The InkSpot /Art Center Lofts
710 13th Street, Studio 210
San Diego, CA 92101

Then Sunday night in San Diego, I’ll be reading at Vermin on the Mount!

hosted by the ever fabulous Jim Ruland – with Stacy Ardis Dyson, Andrew Printer, Carlos Kotkin, Heather Marie, Cecil Castellucci and April Ventura

7PM at 3rdSpace

4610 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92116


LaunchPad 2011 (aka Space Science Camp)

Most of you know that I really love outer space. Almost all of my books have some kind of observational astronomy in it. My newest book, First Day on Earth, (coming out in November 2011) is a Sci Fi(ish) book. And my current work in progress, The Tin Star, is a two book series that takes place on a space station around an extra solar planet. So, you know, finding out that there was a workshop to teach writers about space science… well… I could not apply fast enough.

And so last week I went to LaunchPad 2011 (aka space science camp.) It was the most fun and brain breaking thing ever.

LaunchPad is the brainchild of astronomer and sci fi writer Dr. Mike Brotherton (Spider Star and Star Dragon) It’s been funded by NASA and the NSF and its goal is to teach writers (of sci fi) space science so that the science is correct in your fiction. (I know, right? AMAZING!)

It takes place at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. (by the way, we all know Laramie has a bad rap. But it’s a sweet cute place. Totally adorable. For example, i saw a pair of victorian boots that I am coveting and also the cowboy saloon and dancehall which we got to sneak into and look at its amazingness – including saddle seat bar stools and a buffalo that snorts smoke. I was sad the saloon was closed for summer.)

Cowboy Saloon and Dancehall. I know you are two-stepping in your mind right now.

We were there for one week. Every day we had a lecture on space science. For a space dork like me it was amazing. I learned so much.

My fave things were the lecture on Dust.

Learning about Stars. Learning about space medicine. Dark Matter. Spectrograph lab.

I even liked cosmology. (although it nearly broke me.)

We had two observing nights. I so desperately wanted to see M51 because there is a supernova in it right now. But we couldn’t see it from where we were. A stupid streetlamp was in the way and the weather was not cooperating. But we saw clusters (open and globular) Saturn. M82 galaxy. The Ring Nebula. I admit, many of these things looked like smudges. But they were very. cool. smudges.

We also went to WIRO (Wyoming InfraRed Observatory)

It was way up high on Mount Jen… Gorgeous. There was a lightning storm that surrounded us below. We could see bolts in the sky.

Lovely grad students Rana and Jessie let the few of us stay later help to open the telescope door and engage the telescope.

Dani opening the observatory doors.

Me in front of WIRO (pic by Liz)

The late night WIRO crew – Chris Rowe, Dani Wolff, Me!, Liz Gorinsky, Shelly Li (Todd Van der Mark took the pic)

I enjoyed the fine company of all of my fellow classmates. And I know that my reading list got huge. I think you should probably go read them all, too. Liz Gorinksy, Greg Fishbone, Mike Albo, KC Ball, Shelly Li, Todd Vandermark, Christopher Rowe, Stan Schmidt, Jennifer Willis, Danielle Wolff, Henry Strattman, Deborah J Ross , Shariann Lewitt, An Owomoyela , Pembroke Sinclair, Eric James Stone

And if you write Sci Fi, or long to, you should totally apply to LaunchPad next year. (And if you are science organization, (hint hint NASA and NSF) you should continue to support them.)

my newest project revealed!

My New Project Revealed!

from Publisher’s Marketplace yesterday!

Children’s: Young Adult
Cecil Castellucci’s THE TIN STAR and A STONE IN THE SKY, a two part series pitched as Casablanca recast, re-envisioned, and set on a space station, to Nancy Mercado at Roaring Brook Press, by Kirby Kim at William Morris Endeavor (NA).

January 15th *WriteGirl 10th Anniversary Book Launch!*

January 15th

*WriteGirl 10th Anniversary Book Launch!*

*Beyond Words*, the 10th anthology from WriteGirl, explodes with poetry,
stories, lyrics and essays of more than 100 teen girls and women writers.
You’ll be shocked into laughter, provoked into thinking and transported by
the power of our words.

Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia (*Beautiful Creatures* and
*Beautiful Darkness*), and Cecil Castelucci (*Boy Proof*) will be there to celebrate the release of will be *Beyond Words: The Creative Voices of WriteGirl*

Available for purchase at the reading, or at

January 15th, 2011
2:00pm – 3:00pm
Borders Hollywood
1501 Vine St. at Sunset
Hollywood, CA 90028

Parking: Lot at Morningside & Sunset (1 block west of Vine)

A portion of the Hollywood Borders store sales on January 15th will be donated to WriteGirl: For in-store and online orders the benefit code is WRGR0115A.


info@writegirlorg or call 213-253-2655
*WriteGirl is the 2010-2011 California Nonprofit of the Year!*