My 2012

My 2012 lit count

Novel. The Year of the Beasts illustrated by Nate Powell.

5 short stories.

“Always the Same. Till it’s Not.” Zombie Story Apex Magazine

“Wallflower” Vertigo Comics Ghosts #1 illustrated by Amy Reeder

“The Marker” in the anthology AFTER ed. by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

“Brother. Prince. Snake.” A Prince Lindworm retelling on

“To Grandmother’s House” A Red Riding Hood retelling YA Review Net

Proud editor of the YA/C Section at the LA Review of Books . We had a great 2012. Including first ePub . The one piece I wrote over LA Review of Books blog was about making art when going through trauma.

Also I loved being the Correspondence Coordinator for Letters for Kids at The Rumpus. So delighted by all the Letters for Kids for @The_Rumpus more letters coming at you in 2013. Hope you will subscribe.

Creative plan for 2013. Write More books. More comics. More everything. And restart The Literary Diaspora @litdiaspora

Happy 2013, all!


in progress : literary diaspora

As some of you, but surely not all of you, may know, I have been conducting my very first conceptual art project which I call The Literary Diaspora You can follow along @litdiaspora on the twitter or on the litdiaspora on the tumblr I hope you will.

What is the Literary Diaspora? It’s a playful game of narratives. Think of it like a strange exquisite corpse, where I send a blank postcard and a word or phrase to visual artists and ask them to send back a piece of work inspired by it. Then I print 10 copies of that image and I send one of those cards to an author and ask them for a microfiction, or a poem, or tiny philosophical thought. The other cards I slip into that authors book in bookstores. Not just in LA! Everything is done through the post. Mail! Lovely mail!

A diaspora is a scattering or a dispersion.

I am curious to see what will come back to me. And it’s been great fun to see what’s been returned.

Some pretty amazing people have participated. Visual Artists who have returned cards include Becky Cloonan, Chip Zdarsky, Darina Karpov, Jen Wang, Julia Denos, Ken Garduno, Rachel Perry Welty, and Sara Varon to name a few.

Authors who have returned text include: Blake Nelson, Cory Doctorow, Emma Straub, Marie Mutsuki Mockett, Marisa Silver, Natalie Standiford, and Patrick deWitt to name a few

There is always more arriving.  I hope you will follow along!

And if you are at the West Hollywood Book Fair, on Oct. 2,  you may just find a card in a book you buy.

Returned art by Gabriela Salazar / word given “dreaming”

Returned text by Steve Almond on the card “Relaxed Shoe” by Joe Infurnari

comic con/ first day on earth/ diaspora

I just got back from Space Camp (aka Launchpad Workshop) and I’m going to do a little write up about it before Comic Con, but I thought i’d just give all of those who are going to Comic Con a heads up that I’m on a panel

“Comics For Teens” panel (w/ Nate Powell , Hope Larson, Scott Westerfeld and Gene Luen Yang) 7/21 at 4:30 in Room 26AB

And I’ll be roaming the floor on Thursday and Friday so please say hello!

Reminder! You can still win an ARC of my new novel FIRST DAY ON EARTH. Just email me at Misscecil (dot) earthlink (dot) net your real or imagined alien abduction story. More details here.

And if you are an artiste going to comic con, I’ll be bringing along some blank postcards for my Literary Diaspora project. Find me or tell me where you’ll be if you want one.
Love, Cecil

A Literary Diaspora

A few weeks ago I begun a conceptual art piece that I am calling a Literary Diaspora. It is going to be a year long affair and I invite you to follow along.  I am interested in playing a narrative game with artists, authors and readers.  The first step is sending out blank art postcards to visual artists.  Each post card has a word or phrase on it.  I am inviting the artist to be inspired by the word/phrase and create a piece of art.  Part two is when I have gotten some back I will print ten postcards of each of the images received.  I will send one of the postcards to a published author friend and ask them to write a micro story, or poem, or fanciful philosophy inspired by the image.  The other nine I will scatter pressing the postcard within the pages of that authors books.  It is my hope that an unsuspecting reader / fan of that author will then also send me back a micro story, or poem, or fanciful philosophy inspired by the image.  This is all for fun.  Think of it as my take on the surrealist exquisite corpse game.


Please follow along, won’t you?  LITERARY DIASPORA

photo of first batch of postcards sent to artists.