Short Story “The Ides of March” on Rookie Magazine!

Hey all! I’ve got a new short story “The Ides of March” (and it is the Ides right now!) up at Rookie Magazine! Hope you will go read it! And just look at the awesome art work that they paired it with. swoon! thanks, Ana!



In which I’m interviewed over at the Other People PodCast!

I’m so excited to be starting off 2012 with a bang! The fabulous Brad Listi from the Nervous Breakdown (who I want as a guest at a Viking Dinner Party that I fantasize about having in the future. Think about it. Vikings + Dinner Party.) interviews me. over at his reallyfantastic literary podcast

I’m a subscriber and a fan and so it was a total honor to be invited to be on the show. He always has really stellar guests like Steve Almond, Edan Lepucki, Ben Loory, Jillian Lauren, Dana Spiotta, Elissa Schappell, Adam Novy. It’s probably best if you subscribe to it.

We talk about YA, and trying to live an artists life, and Star Wars, and experimental films, all art all the time and the mysterious shirt (which I still have) that always caught my eye.

Where’d you get that idea?

So many times when I go speak to writers at conferences and workshops or when I do school visits, people ask me, “Where do you get your ideas?” I have a million places where I get my ideas. But the idea for my first novel Boy Proof came from working a totally odd job. I was working for my friend Phil’s Production Transcripts company doing as a Time Coder.

At first, I thought it was a miserable job. But in the end, even the dreary can be inspiring.

Before I was writing full-time, as I try to manage to do now, I made sure to clear as many weeks as possible to write. I always tried to make it a point to live by my motto: “All Art All the Time.” This meant I took a lot of temp jobs — something that I could do for a set period of time, pay my rent, buy some groceries and then take a few weeks off to write some more.

You can read the rest of it over at aol as part of their funny series My Spectacular Odd Job.


Today is a new episode of AuthorMix! It’s a sweet little webshow that author Katie Alender (Bad Girls Don’t Die) put together where she got authors Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures), Melissa de la Cruz (Bluebloods) and Me to get together and talk shop and stuff. It was great fun. You can win signed books and cool stuff over at the AuthorMix site. And new episodes are uploaded every Tuesday! So fun!

Here is this weeks episode, where we talk about critique partners.

Live Video Chat 7/20 6 PM EST/ 9 PST at Goodreads (with me!)

Hello my fine and delightful friends!

On July 20th at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST I am so pleased to announcd that I will be doing a live video chat with Goodreads I will be talking about anything! everything! You can catch the live stream here

This of course is all leading up to the release of my two new books this August 1st!  (TWO!)

My new YA Novel ROSE SEES RED  (scholastic press)  – Set in New York in the 1980s, this story of two ballet dancers (one American, one Russian) recounts the unforgettable night they spend in the city, and celebrates the friendship they form despite their cultural and political differences.

and my very first picture book GRANDMA’S GLOVE (candlewick press) – Grandma is always on her knees in the dirt, with her gardening gloves on, talking to her roses and laughing with the birds-of-paradise. A day comes when Grandma is no longer there to care for the little girl, who feels sad and small and alone until she remembers all that her grandmother taught her — and all that she now has to teach.
Rose Sees Red / Schoastic

You can come and ask questions and do all that other stuff that one does when one is video chatting.  You can watch me and make faces.  I will not know.  But I will be so glad that you are there.

Also, currently there is a giveaway you can sign up for Grandma’s Gloves.

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Grandma’s Gloves

by Cecil Castellucci

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