Tin Star / Stone in the Sky

TIN STAR orignal

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Tin Star
Starburst Award Short List (Canada)

You can read an excerpt over at Tor.com

On their way to start a new life, Tula and her family travel on the Prairie Rose, a colony ship headed to a planet in the outer reaches of the galaxy. All is going well until the ship makes a stop at a remote space station, the Yertina Feray, and the colonist’s leader, Brother Blue, beats Tula within an inch of her life. An alien, Heckleck, saves her and teaches her the ways of life on the space station.

When three humans crash land onto the station, Tula’s desire for escape becomes irresistible, and her desire for companionship becomes unavoidable. But just as Tula begins to concoct a plan to get off the space station and kill Brother Blue, everything goes awry, and suddenly romance is the farthest thing from her mind.

You can play an original Table Top True 20 RPG adventure where you play aliens who interact with Tula and the other aliens on the Yertina Feray.  Download it for free over at Scribd or Drive Thru RPG

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Brother Blue.
His name, even the color, filled me with a furious fire of pure hatred.
Years ago, Tula Bane was beaten and left for dead on a remote space station far from Earth, her home planet. She started with nothing and had no one, but over time, she found a home, a family, and even love. When it’s discovered that the abandoned planet beneath the station is abundant with a rare and valuable resource, aliens from across the galaxy race over to strike it rich. With them comes trouble, like the man who nearly killed Tula years ago–the man she has dreamed of destroying ever since.
In this sequel to Tin Star, Cecil Castellucci takes readers on an extraordinary adventure through space in a thrilling and thoughtful exploration of what it means to love, to hate, and to be human.

[Castellucci’s] crafted a gutsy heroine who comes into her own here, learning to navigate interspecies politics and affairs of the heart, all while grappling with what it means to be Human. (The Horn Book)

An exciting and compelling read. (BCCB)

A great book for readers who enjoy traditional science fiction titles. (SLJ)

“Tolerance and diversity are the themes that propel this science fiction saga.” – VOYA

“Castellucci’s well-structured plot includes an unexpected gold-rush-like bustle on the station (because a valuable plant suddenly blooms on the planet below); escapes, travel and reunions for Tula; a government to fight; and a caste system to erode. . . Thoroughly original outer-space scenario.” – Kirkus Reviews


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