arts stuff

Novel, A Stone in the Sky, Spring 2015, Roaring Brook / Macmillan

Novel, Tin Star, Spring 2014, Roaring Brook/ Macmillan

Graphic Novel, Odd Duck, Spring 2012, First Second Press

Novel /Graphic Novel, The Year of the Beasts, 2012, Roaring Brook / Macmillan
Novel, First Day on Earth, Fall 2011, Scholastic
Novel, Rose Sees Red, Summer 2010, Scholastic
Anthology, Co-Editor, Geektastic, Spring 2009, Little, Brown
Graphic Novel, Janes in Love, Fall 2008 Minx/DC Comics
Novel, Beige, Candlewick Press Spring 2007 Candlewick Press
Graphic Novel, The Plain Janes, Spring 2007, Minx/ DC Comics
Novel, The Queen of Cool, March 2006, Candlewick Press
Novel, Boy Proof March 2005, Candlewick Press


Short Story, World Junior Mustache, Vertigo Quarterly SFX #2 Slam!, July 2015
Short Story, Girls Night Out, Sensation Comics Starring Wonder Woman #9, 2015
Short Story, The Sound of Useless Wings, January 2015,
Short Story, We Have Always Lived on Mars, May 2013,
Short Story, The Lighthouse (Aquaman/Mera) Young Romance #1, DC Comics, February 2013

Short Story, The Marker, After 2012 Harper Collins
Short Story, Wallflower, Ghosts #1 Vertigo/DC Comics
Short Story, Always the Same, Till its Not, Apex Magazine Oct 2012
Short Story, Brother. Prince. Snake. , June 2012
Short Story, To Grandmother’s House, YARN (YA Review Network) March 2012
Short Story, Best Friends Forever, Teeth 2011 Harper Collins
Short Story, Orange Tootsie Pop, Truth & Dare 2011, Running Press
Picture Book, Grandma’s Gloves, Fall 2010, Candlewick Press
Short Story, Devil in the Details, Summer 2010, Five Chapters
Essay, Darth Vader is My Daddy, Summer 2010, Red Room
Short Story, The Long and the Short of Long Term Memory, Interfictions II, Fall 2009 Interstitial Arts Foundation/Small Beer Press
Short Story, Wet Teeth, Eternal Kiss, Fall 2009, Running Press
Short Story, Once You’re a Jedi… Geektastic, Spring 2009, Little, Brown
Short Story, The Bread Box, Sideshow, Spring 2009, Candlewick Press
Short Story, Baby in the Basket, May 2009 Strange Horizons
Short Story, Chapter 5 (Money Walks), April 2009, Los Angeles Times
Short Story, Lights, Camera Action, Magic in the Mirrorstone Anthology,
Winter 2008, Wizards of the Coast
Essay, Bad Reputation, First Kiss, Then Tell Anthology, Winter 2008, Bloomsbury
Essay, My Fairy Godfathers, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, Spring 2007, Dutton
Essay, We Don’t Want a Black Santa, December 2004, Minneapolis New Times
Short Story, Apples and Oranges, May 2002, Los Angeles Times
Short Story, Cinnamon (5 day run), April 2002, Los Angeles Times
Short Story, Moon Picnic January 2002, Los Angeles Times


Moving Target: A Princess Leia Novel, September 2015, Disney Publishing/ Lucasfilm

Pearl in the Rough, Dark Horse Comics, Fall 2016