web – misscecil (at) gmail (dot) com

letters – po box 29095, la, ca 90039

book agent  – Kirby Kim KKim (at) Janklow (dot) com

film queries – Ashley Fox AFox (at) wmentertainment (dot) com

please inquire about school, library, skype visits.  rates are negotiable.

11 thoughts on “contact

  1. Hey, Cecil. Hope you are having a fab time.

    Wanted to congrads you on the mention in the LA Times last month.

    Can I tell people I “knew you when…”

    Take care. -Pearl

  2. I’m so glad we’re in contact again and that I found your blog–haven’t laughed enough lately. Been working on novels, screenplays, and plays and taking myself waaay too seriously. That’s gotta end.
    – betsy

  3. Jim and I are always hoping that will happen. Keep your fingers crossed! And tell DC that you want it!

  4. Hi Cecil, my name is Jordan. I was at the forest of reading in Toronto today, and you said for me to email you and that you would send a signed copy of my first day on earth….

  5. hi! I meant that I would sign a bookplate and mail it to you to paste in your book. email me at misscecil at gmail dot com with a snail mail address!

  6. Hope this is where I leave the YASH comment – favorite kind of alien: anything from the Star Wars universe!

  7. Hi! I just finished Yin Star and absolutely loved it. Kept me guessing until the very end. Very original plot, characters, and locations.

    I was wondering if I sent you my copy of Tin Star to your PO Box, and included a self addressed, postage paid envelope, would you sign it and mail it back?

    Thanks so much and I really can’t wait to get my hands on Stone In The Sky!

    Cheers, Mandy

  8. Did I ever answer you? I’d be totally delighted to do that. Send it along and I’ll sign it if you do that. Cecil

  9. I did not know where else to leave the blog post comment for the YASH contest. I have loved Princess Leia since I was 7 and I saw the original movie at the theater. We all wanted our hair to look like hers, but no one could pull it off.

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