In the mighty mountains working on art

Today is thanksgiving and I thought maybe I’d just give a little thanks.  I’m so thankful that I get to make art and write books and do cool projects.  This year has been both difficult and rewarding.  A year of books and awards and now I’m a bona fide NY Times Best Seller (thanks, Princess Leia!)  But it’s also been a hard one financially.  I’m thankful to those who support me and to those who have fed me dinner when I haven’t been able to buy groceries.

Right now, I am grateful to be up in the mountains of Alberta, at the Banff Centre for the Arts, working on my new opera with composer Andre Ristic.    It’s tentatively set to be performed in Montreal in 2017 with ECM+ who mounted our last opera Les Aventures de Madame Merveille.

It’s kind of gorgeous here.  Nestled in a cabin in a bowl of mountains whose stoney arms hold you and nourish you as you create.  It’s a bit fun being a writer in the music residency.  It’s like having a foot in a new world.  So far, I’ve been working on the libretto, but also I wrote some lyrics for two of the other music residents here.


Glad to be an artist.

Love, Cecil

PS:  I also had a nice interview up at  Legion of Leia, a feature on me over at Geek and Sundry and Odd Duck and Tin Star / Stone in the Sky got reviewed at the Planetary Society.


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