Yappiest Day round up!

This past weekend I participated in the Yappiest Day on Earth!  the brain child of Cat Patrick.  It was 16 YA authors, bloggers and librarians and you!  Imagine us all running around Disneyland with matching blue shirts like we were on a school trip.  Every ride to conquer!  Thrilling screams to be had!


Here we are before our adventure began!


I wanted to go onto the Winnie the Pooh ride.  BUT WE GOT STUCK IN THE HONEYCOMB!


Or as Kevin Emerson, Sean Beaudoin, Rachel Cohn and I now will say for all things that suddenly go wrong: “Tigger spilt some honey on the tracks.”

Kevin Emerson and I in the Pooh “trap.”


I also went on Splash Mountain which was wet.  I was terrified at the drop.


Me and Gabrielle Zevin pre-drop.  We talked a lot about the Bears. And Zippity Doo Dah.


I spent a lot of the day hanging with Sean Beaudoin.  He even won me a stuffed mouse at the midway in California Adventure.  He also won a Dumbo that he gave to a tiny child who waddled off with the biggest grin on her face.   He also snuck in some Cruella de Ville time.


Anyway, it was a fun day and much thanks to Harper Collins for sponsoring the book signing afterwards and to Mysterious Galaxy for selling books.

Thanks to all of those who came out!  You should totally come next year.


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