CondorCon San Diego Schedule

Condor Con Schedule!

Also I’ll be giving away some Odd Duck buttons!

Friday, March 8
3:00 PM Cresent

School as Dystopia – Vampires and werewolves they can handle. Heck, they’re cool. But what really concerns teenagers are final exams and what table they get to sit at a lunch. A consideration of views of worst of times through a fantasy lens. – Cecil Castellucci, Andrew P. Mayer, Gretchen McNeil, Leigh Bardugo

4:00 PM Cresent Retelling Old Stories: The New Fairy Tales Fairy tales twice told, retold, updated, remade, and yet they are still fairy tales. In today’s modern world, do we need to constantly update the themes that apply to the human condition? Can the Big Bad Wolf be your boss? Does Thumbelina have her own reality show? Do we lose the specialness of these tales by modernizing them? How does re-telling them in an updated form affect these themes? – Cecil Castellucci, Michael Underwood, Lillian Csernica, Juliette Wade, Laura Luchau

Saturday March 9
4:00 PM

Cresent Young Adult Fiction: Supernatural Romance Cecil Castellucci, Suzanne Lazear, Karri Thompson, Gretchen McNeil

5:00 PM Galleria 2 Autographs Gretchen McNeil, Cecil Castellucci, Leigh Bardugo

Sunday March 10
10:00 AM Cresent
Young Adult Fiction: When I was a kid, we didn’t have . . . Rights: Dystopian visions in YA Cecil Castellucci, Karri Thompson, Andrew P. Mayer, Stephen Potts, Val Ontell



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