For your consideration: my eligible short stories for hugo and nebula

Hello.  it’s been pointed out by Christopher Rowe and others that in the sci fi community we kind of have to remind people that we have stuff out there eligible to be nominated since so much of the awards are membership voted.  So, taking a deep breath, here it goes. 

For the Norton I have a YA hybrid novel The Year of the Beasts that is eligible. It’s alternating chapters of prose / graphic novel.  the prose is the story of two girls and the boys they like and the summer and the graphic novel is about a girl who is a Medusa who just wants to be a girl again (with a centaur, minotaur and mermaid friends)

I also have three short stories eligible for the Nebula and Hugo

A retelling of the Prince Lindwurm fairy tale “Brother. Prince. Snake” over at  

A zombie story “Always the Same. Till it’s Not.” over at Apex Magazine  

And of course “The Marker” in Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling’s fantastic AFTER anthology.


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