Letters for Kids

As I start to get more letters from authors to send out to you, I have started to liken the Letters For Kids as a sort of cool special literary magazine for kids where you can write back. I know we’ve got all sorts of subscribers that range in age from 6-66, which I think is amazing. One thing that is exciting for me is seeing kids or hearing about them becoming curious about the authors that are writing. I volunteer in an elementary school doing literacy and read aloud with first and second graders and I subscribed those classes to the letters and Ms. Lew and Ms. McCarty have started peppering their class libraries with books from the authors of the letters. I think that is so cool. Especially because so many of the authors that we’ve got writing are personal faves of mine. (I’m a big Standiford and Yolen fan.) (By the way, if you are a teacher, the letters seem to work great in a classroom environment.) (I’ve also heard from home schoolers that it is a nice thing.) Today the kids got the newest letter, from Susan Patron.

In September I was at the West Hollywood Book Fair where I met Stacy Bierlien and her daughter, a subscriber to the Rumpus Letters for Kids. Stacy’s delightful daughter had already read some of the authors that had sent letters! So she already knew the authors that were writing. I love it that so many kids are so well read.

To date we’ve had letters from Natalie Standiford, Derek Taylor Kent, Jane Yolen and Kerry Madden, and those letters have been amazing. We’ve had an original short mini comic by Adam Rex that just blew me away. And if you subscribe, you’ve probably just gotten Susan Patron’s letter about the talking to objects. But as I have been preparing the next round of letters I’m so excited about the pretty extraordinary things upcoming. We’ve got a really beautiful letter by Rebecca Stead about a wrenching moment dealing with an incident over a school lunch. If you’re a comic book fan, Matthew Holm’s upcoming letter with is a kind of breaking down of how a comic book is made. And Lisa Yee scribbles all over the page in her letter. I had to turn it around in my hand a bunch of times just so I could read it!

I hope you and yours are enjoying the Letters for Kids! And I hope you are writing the authors back! And if you haven’t signed up yet. What are you waiting for? Sign up your kid, a kid you love, your kids classroom, or yourself.

And FYI, if you write me a letter. I will (almost) always write you back.

Love, Cecil

PO Box 29095, LA CA 90029


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