The Year of the Beasts has arrived!

Hello my fine friends!  It’s finally here!  The Year of the Beasts written by me and illustrated by Nate Powell is finally here!

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“…a poignant and entertaining mixture of storytelling and nightmare.”–VOYA

Every summer the trucks roll in, bringing the carnival and its infinite possibilities to town. This year Tessa and her younger sister Lulu are un-chaperoned and want to be first in line to experience the rides, the food . . . and the boys. Except this summer, jealousy will invade their relationship for the first time, setting in motion a course of events that can only end in tragedy, putting everyone’s love and friendship to the test. Alternating chapters of prose and comics are interwoven in this extraordinary novel that will break your heart and crack it wide open at the same time.

Cory Doctorow reviewed it over at Boing Boing
Here is a nice interview I did with blogger Els de Clerq
I also did a playlist for it over at Large Hearted Boy

I prefer if you go to your local indiebound bookstore, but you can also get it online at Amazon and B&N where it is also available as an e-book. And remember, you can always order signed copies from Skylight Books. (of this book or any of my books!)


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