another year, another comic con

It was just a quick dip this year. A little skip in and skip out to the nerd prom. I headed down on Thursday at the crack of dawn and took the train down to San Diego. I ran into my one of my swell agents on the ride down so a good time was had gabbing away.

On the way to the convention center I saw this Dr Who Exterminator dress. Love!

My first stop was the DC booth. I’m a Roaring Brook /:01 girl now, but my instinct this year was to go to DC and check in. Mostly because I had a meeting with my Plain Janes editor the divine Shelly Bond. Also because I am still trying to cook up something DC. Keep all fingers crossed.

Then I skipped over to Top Shelf where I hung out with the fabulous Nate Powell. Nate’s new book Any Empire is fantastic. You should go get it now. And I think many of you know that Nate is drawing my new hybrid prose/ graphic novel The Year of the Beasts. (Roaring Brook Spring 2012) He had just handed in a chapter and so I just threw him love love love of the art art art.

Me and Nate Powell!

A quick wander around the floor and then it was time for my panel on Teen Comics. It was Me, Hope Larson, Gene Luen Yang and Nate Powell and it was moderated exquisitely by Scott Westerfeld.

(picture nicked from Melissa Wiley)

I could have talked for about this subject (What is YA graphic novel!) for a million more hours with these smart cats. Really brilliant things said. Go buy all of their books if you haven’t yet. As a special treat Scholastic gave me a box of ARCs of First Day On Earth to hand out. It’s exciting to have a new book making its way in the world.

Then it was time for the soirees. I went to Scholastic’s party for Jeff Smith’s Bone (Congrats on 20 years!). I got to hang out with Raina Telemeiger (congrats on your Eisner, Raina!) and Lisa Yee!

Then I ended the night at the CBLDF party. Support them. It’s important.

The next day it was a nice breakfast with people like Marc Bernardin and Josh Fialkov. Then some more wandering around. Buying a Gama-go t-shirt. Buying an original piece of art from Ken Garduno (like I do every year.)

Running into a female Chewbacca.

Buying a choker from Sherri L Smith at the Tired Girl collective

eating Just Jenn Yoda cookies.

Heading over to the Javi Grillo Marxuach Ramiel signing

falling in love with this awesome Spoonful of Star Wars art project 100 figures 100 paintings

and then paling around with the lovely Becky Cloonan. (You should pick up her new mini comic WOLVES.)

Then it was back to Los Angeles. This year, a short but sweet show. See you next year Comic Con.


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