I am delighted to  have a short story, Best Friends Forever, in the upcoming anthology TEETH, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.  It was great fun to write a vampire story and such an honor to have my story in there amongst the other fabulous writers including Genevieve Valentine • Steve Berman • Christopher Barzak • Neil Gaiman • Delia Sherman • Garth Nix • Suzy McKee Charnas • Kaaron Warren • Cecil Castellucci (me!) • Jeffrey Ford • Nathan Ballingrud • Kathe Koja • Catherynne M. Valente • Melissa Marr • Ellen Kushner • Cassandra Clare • Holly Black • Lucius Shepard • Emma Bull • Tanith Lee

I was so excited by this great review of the book by Charles Tan!

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But the coolest thing was that many of the authors contributed to a video answering the questions “Would you like to be a Vampire for a month?”  and “What Vampire trait would you most like to have?”  It was fun answering and it was fun to see how everyone else answered!



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