Wonder Woman, Plain Janes and Mac Make-up!

Comics Alliance posted this piece about the MAC Cosmetics ad for the new Wonder Woman makeup, which for the record, I am super excited about. I wants me some. The ad features Wonder Woman and Medusa and a bunch of plain Janes. And the Plain Janes in it and what they turn into by the magic of makeup are kind of reminiscent of me and  Jim Rugg’s Plain Janes. (Doesn’t MAC know that the Plain Janes is a DC comic book, too?) (Also, here’s a thought MAC makeup, PLAIN JANES makeup for teens!) And also, more weirdness! My next comic book (on Roaring Brook Press) has Medusa as a character in it! (I am not even kidding! It’s being drawn by Nate Powell!) So to me, this ad is hysterical and kind of like, totally me.  (also Dear MAC makeup. Does this mean I get some free Wonder Woman make-up?)

So then, over at twitter @mizelle said

RT @mizzelle @comicsalliance’s Mac headline makes me picture a DC/Minx crossover. Would the Janes be Wonder Woman fans?

So I would like to show you all that YES. The Plain Janes do love WONDER WOMAN! And they are ready for a DC/Minx crossover! (DC, can we make this happen?)  Behold the drawing I commissioned from Jim Rugg The Justice Janes! (We actually were going to have the Janes go to a costume party in book 3 or 4 where they would dress up like this. Cause we thought that would be hysterical!)

the plain janes by jim rugg


2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman, Plain Janes and Mac Make-up!

  1. This is awesome! I love that Janes in their costumes! I hope that one day more Janes adventures will be published (maybe the canceled Janes Go Summer in another form?).

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