East Coast wrap up!

I am just back from a fantastic trip to the East Coast where I saw some fall foliage and also did some bookish things.

thank you thank you thank you to my lovely cohorts and tour buddies Natalie Standiford and Siobhan Vivian.  If you haven’t snatched up and devoured their books Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters and Not That Kind of Girl, then what are you waiting for! Get reading!

First, Natalie and I went to beautiful Portsmouth, NH where we took RiverRun Bookstore by storm!  It was so nice to meet one of my twitter friends @readandbreathe in real life.  She was just as charming and bookish and smart as she is on the internets.  (you should follow her!)

Natalie at Riverrun

Then we went to Cambridge Public Library, and if I were a teen I would just move right into their teen lounge.  Gorgeous!

Me and the book display at Cambridge Public Library!

Next up, we ladies trained it to Rhinebeck, NY to Oblong books where we hung out with the divine miss Jennifer Laughran (aka @literaticat ) and her mascot, Moxie the dog!

We three sassy ladies at Oblong Books!

While I was there I got to see some old friends of mine who I met while camping on Hollywood Blvd, waiting for Star Wars Ep I tickets.  it was so great to see them, and meet their kids!

Then we were Brooklyn Bound!  I entered the land of the hip via Bookcourt.  The rain pounded the skylight.  We read and chatted with our fearless editor David Levithan! Fun was had by all.

Then it was off to Rhode Island for the NEIBA conference.  And while i was there in Providence, I went and hung out with my fourth grade boyfriend and his lovely wife, who own the COOLEST cafe cinema in Providence.  It’s called The Cable Car Cinema and if you live in Providence, you should be going there and hanging out there every day!

Thank you all who came out.  And stay tuned for my west coast dates.  I’ll be posting them shortly!


(look at all of our pretty books!)


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