Not only am I geektastic, I am on occasion, gleektastic

Last night I did an experiment. I sang showtunes and read excerpts from books at a dive bar. I did it because my friend Mack Mackenzie (buy his music, it’s awesome) was doing a music residency at Barfly in Montreal and since I was in town he asked if I’d like to do something. “You can do anything. Read. Sing. Dance. Whatever.”

Whatever! That. Means. Fun. Challenge.

So, I concocted a plan. I would sing showtunes. And then read excerpts from all of my novels, starting with Rose Sees Red.
It was pretty fun. I sang acapella, and maybe if I ever do it again (tempting!) I would maybe have a piano player. Because singing acapella is hard. But I thought that as far as readings go, it was a nice way to read a bit of everything.

So, for those that are curious. My set list was as follows:

Out Here on My Own / Fame  – then reading pages 21 to 23 from Rose Sees Red
Wouldn’t it Be Loverly / My Fair Lady –  then reading pages 11 -13 from Beige
There Are Worse Things I Could Do / Grease  – then reading pages 46 -47 from Queen of Cool
Maybe This Time / Cabaret  – then reading pages 140-142 from Boy Proof

And for my grand finale, I sang the best song about just being creative no matter what and not letting anything stop you. It’s called Die, Vampire, Die from the fantastic musical Title of Show.

I share my rendition of Die, Vampire, Die here with you, not because my rendition of it is so great, but in the spirit of the song which is a call to arms to not let anything stymie your creative expression. And boy, am I trying to express! So, enjoy the ridiculousness and fun!


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