first stop / Boston & this and that.

I just did two blog visits for each of my new books. I’m over at David Levithan’s Blog, (FYI, he is my editor! Yeah!) talking about Rose Sees Red. And then I guest blogged over at ‘s blog talking about writing Grandma’s Gloves (which as you know is my first picture book)

I am in the midst of traveling right now. (I will have exciting September tour dates to announce soon) (meanwhile, you can check for updates at booktour)

It all started off yesterday when I went to Boston for one day to do a launch of Grandma’s Gloves with my team partner illustrator Julia Denos at the fabulous bookstore Curious George. We’d never met before! So it was so great to meet her. Here is a fun fact: we are both very tiny ladies!

Julia and I signing our book.

Julia also has another new book out this week with Erica Perl, it’s a charming little book called Dotty.

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(also check out her beautiful blog post about our grandma’s)

Boston was extra fun because I saw two friends from High School that I hadn’t seen in a long time. One was the fabulous smart fancy lady Robin Bernstein, who is a professor at Harvard and has written a million cool things. (Attention Theater Geeks! Check out her book Cast Out.) Anyway, we walked around Harvard, and she showed me a building with a secret room that was probably a stop on the underground railroad and also, has an early flush toilets (made August 6, 1889 printed right there on the rim). Which I proudly peed in.

Then, by happy coincidence, my other old High School pal Seth Gilliam was playing Othello Commonwealth Shakespeare Company in the Boston Commons. So, with a free night in Boston, I took myself out on a solo date and got my self a seat and watched the show. Wow, it was good. Also, for those of you who might need reminding, Iago = total douchebag.

Anyway! Thanks to all of you who came out in Boston! So, fun!

Next up: Montreal. 8/19 opening up for Mack Mackenzie at Barfly. I’ll be doing Show tunes and Reading. And then 8/21 double book launch at Babar en Ville.


2 thoughts on “first stop / Boston & this and that.

  1. Hey Cecil! It was nice to meet you in Boston this weekend and geek out over video games. (yeah I’m that guy if you recall.) My wife and I enjoyed Grandma’s Gloves and I’m sure my niece will too.

    I’m kicking myself for not picking up Geektastic while you were there so you could sign it for me. I’m gonna grab it ASAP.

  2. ditto! so nice to talk video games! I’m totally going to get those ones and try them out. And yeah, you will totally love geektastic! Let me know which was your fave story! And nice meeting you and your wife!

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