Geektastic Paperback. A giveaway!

Hello my friends.

Do you know what is coming so very soon? Geektastic. In paperback. It comes out June 10th. I just got author compies today. So I’m going to do a giveaway.

You can post in the comments or email me at misscecil (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me what the geekiest thing you did last month was. I will pick the geekiest one with a crack team of geekologists. And the geekiest thing done last month will win a paperback!

It’s even got a glossary in the back in case you don’t know what, like, a Ferengi is. (but you totally do know)

Love, Cecil



3 thoughts on “Geektastic Paperback. A giveaway!

  1. Last month I took over 100 1.44inch floppies, 500 CDR’s and copied them to an external hard drive, sorted my backups and then reburned to DVD. I have every essay and assignment for school or work going back to 1986. It took me 2 weekends of free time to update the archive to current media.


  2. It’s hard to pick one geeky thing I’ve done this month because my life is filled with daily geekery. I guess if I have to choose I would pick my Memorial Day weekend project which consists of decluttering and organizing my house. Why is it geeky? Because I have to make decisions such as “Where do I put my Buffy action figures and should I mix my custom ones with the regular figures?” and “Should I leave my L and Light figures NRFB or should I break them out of their plastic prison?” I am also having trouble finding a proper way to display my Red Dwarf, Lexx, and Buffy costumes. I won’t even mention moving around long boxes of comics. One great thing about cleaning is that I ran across a box of TK Graphics stickers (really old school fandom circa 1983, they advertised in Starlog) so now I have Doctor Who, HHGTTG, Dark Shadows and other goodies. Before the weekend is over, I want to have my fanzines cataloged, my comics all bagged and board, and my action figures dusted and displayed. Just in time for the next convention…

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