Cecil’s LA Festival of Books Schedule

For those of you that are coming to one of my favorite book festivals, the LA Times Festival of Books,here is my schedule!

It’s a whopper of a schedule. Please bring me treats.

Friday/ 7:30 PM presenting the YA award at the LA Times Book Prize

Saturday / 10:30 am interviewing Meg Cabot – Ackerman Grand Ballroom
Saturday/ 1 PM *Moderating*: Boys Will Be Boys: Guys Talk YA* Panelists: Ben Esch , Blake Nelson, Andrew Smith, and Allen Zadoff YA Stage
Saturday / 3 PM signing at Every Picture Tells A Story  (booth 513)
Saturday / 4 PM A Palooza! At the YA Stage!
Sunday / 12 PM A Palooza! At the YA Stage!
Sunday / 2 PM *Moderating*: Truth and Fiction * Panelists: Cylin Busby, Davida Wills Hurwin, and Sherri L. Smith YA Stage

This year I am so excited because there is a YA stage! But this festival is also great for it’s fantasticness in general. And because I see so many awesome literary friends! Tod Goldberg! David Levithan! Carolyn Kellogg! James Ellroy! Janet Fitch! Nina Revoyr! Edan Lepucki! Patrick Brown! And SO MANY MORE!!!!


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