Rose Sees Red ARC

I have just received the ARCs (advanced reader copies) for ROSE SEES RED, my new YA novel! Out on Scholastic Press in Summer 2010.

(click for full size!)

In the spirit of Stephen Elliot and what he did with his most excellent book The Adderall Diaries ARC, of which I was a lucky enough person to get one in advance, read it and mail it on to someone else to enjoy, I am going to experiment and do the same for ROSE SEES RED.

Are you game!?

If so, and you would like to receive the galley and read it way before other people and you love receiving delicous packages in the mail, like I do, why not email me your snail mail address to misscecil (at) gmail (dot) com (or you can post it here, I screen the comments)(just include your email, too)

Then, the magic happens!

I will mail out an ARC to the first few people who respond. You will receive the book in your very own mail box! Then you have one week (or two – but no more!) to read the book and then your job in the magic is that you should mail it on to someone else who wants to read it (I will email you the address of the person you should mail it on to, that is why you should make sure to include both snail mail or email) (if you are a young person, please make sure you let your parents know and get their permission!)

I think this should work. If you are confused. Just email me again.

And you know, if you like the book and you want to talk about it here or there or anywhere, you could do that, too! Or perhaps, when it comes out in 2010, you could purchase one for a friend or for your local library or something like that! Cause you got to read it early and for free! Yeah!


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