Interstitial Arts Foundation Los Angeles Salon Round up!

On Saturday, I was delighted to host a mix and mingle LA Salon for the Interstitial Arts Foundation. We gathered at Skylight Books as part of their summer long Hot Summer Nights series. (On Friday and Saturdays they are staying open til midnight and having little soirees)

I invited Steven Collins, an Attitude Adjustment engineer from JPL (he helps to make sure that the rockets go in the direction they are supposed to) who is also a musician to warm up the evening with some theremin playing. He delighted us all with his outer space 1950s sounds and a song about Marie Curie (where he even played the Theremin with a Geiger Counter!) He also let everyone try out the crazy instrument for themselves.


On the walls, for ambience (we projected them but had no sound) I curated a selection of short films by some local filmmakers who are doing interesting interstitial work. The filmmakers were:


Rachel Mayeri whose video art mixes science with film and has a foundation called Soft Sciencethat investigates that combination.

Dani Michaeli whose film “The Passion of the Hairplugs” mixes stick puppets and animation

Jonathon Stearns whose films have digital art, animation, live action and music.

Andrew Takeuchi whose film Memory Loop is a reflection on the tempermental nature of memory.

I also snuck in a film by David Neuman whose film combines both dance and photography. (the entire film is made up of still photographs)

Our salon consisted of fantastic artists, architects, scientists, writers, comedians, filmmakers, librarians, fashion designers and people off the street. There were conversations about physics, philosophy, narrative story telling, fashion, visual art, composing and everything else you can think of that was delightful!

Comedians Mara Shapshay and Michael Duggan

Fashion designer Alex shows off his portfolio. He was wearing a vest he made of buttons!


Mixing and Mingling
Librarians Pearl and Erika with Comedian Janet Blake and niece.


a guy who wandered in and joined us with Video artist Rachel Mayeri

Interficitions 2 authors Cecil Castellucci, Liz Zimenski pose with Musician / Rocket Engineer Steven Collins



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