Comic Con, I love you!

Comic Con! Wow! What did I do while I was there!?

Well, kind people, I….

hung out with Cylons!


signed Geektastic!


Amanda Fucking Palmer! and while doing so, supported the CBDLF

interviewed the amazing Hope Larson on her spotlight. (buy all her books)

hung out with lots of my pals! And had tons of fun!


Stacy King! Chris Wisnia!

Josh Dysart G WIllow Wilson


Ivory Madison! (she runs the fabulous Red Room) (if you are an author, you should join)

also went to the Pop Candy party, hosted by the lovely Whitney Matheson! I drank some fancy drinks, like the Andorian moon! The Clone War! The Bird of Prey! All while chatting delightfully with, amongst others, Hope Larson and Marc Bernardin Heidi MacDonald!


I met Han Solo! (OK, so it was really a Han Solo-ina)

I did a voice on the Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyds Michael Rayner warmed up the show with his juggling, and he juggled with a hatchet and spun a hamburger on an umbrella! It could have killed me! (not really, but that sounds dramatic!)


And of course I sat in the Captains Chair!


My biggest dork fan girl moment? Meeting Clancy Brown . When he was on Earth 2 and I was in Nerdy Girl, I loved the show and had written a song about him!

Naturally, this is just a FRACTION of what happened! Like, for example, I managed to not buy too many t-shirts (only two. one of them Gama-Go, of course) Instead I bought art pieces by Colleen Coover, by Ray Fawkes, and by Ken Garduno.

But oh my peeps, as always, thank you to all (to many to name) who made this Comic Con really special. I’m back from San Diego and as always, I am exhausted, but completely energized and inspired by it. Gosh I love you Comic Con!


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