Readergirlz: For the month of July!

I am so very happy to be a special guest for the month of July over at the Readergirlz. I’m there for THE PLAIN JANES and JANES IN LOVE and I’ll be joined by my partner in art crime Jim Rugg.

You can come and talk to me, I’ll be around commenting and answering questions on the blogs. And you can do your very own (legal) art attack. there’s a handy template to download and readergirlz will be posting your results! Send your piece to by July 20th, 2009.

On July 22nd, Jim Rugg and I will be doing a live chat.


Also, (insider information alert!) if you have a quick, keen eye, if you look closely at the great sample pages that Jim sent to the Readergirlz, there are a few pages of the never before seen and now dead in the water JANES GO SUMMER. It’s a scene where Brain Jane was at Space Camp.


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