Cats and Kittens!

While circumstances have forced me to be unable to attend BEA this year, I am there with you through my many short stories!

This year I have 4 short stories coming out! All of them genre stories! And, happily, the ARCs of the anthologies containing said short stories are all availabe at BEA. So if you are there, you should go and get them, if you so desire. Check out my new literary voice. (And if you are not at BEA, may I suggest reading my first short story of this year, Baby in The Basket available to you to read on the awesome Strange Horizons)

First up, why not go to Little, Brown for the ARC of GEEKTASTIC which I co-edited with Holly Black . We also co-wrote a Jedi/Klingon story and the book is chock full of your fave authors. Like MT Anderson, Libba Bray, John Green, Lisa Yee to name a very few. (they may even have the real book there!)

Then over at Candlewick, you can pick up a copy of the excellent SIDESHOW anthology, edited by Deb Noyes. My story is called “The Bread Box”, it’s about a freaky thing/ family legacy. This anthology is great and has, amongst others, Aimee Bender, Margo Lanagan, & Cynthia Leitich Smith

Thirdly you can go to Running Press (Perseus Booth?) and check out my very first Vampire short story, “Wet Teeth” in the Eternal Kiss anthology. Other writers include Cassandra Clare and Melissa de la Cruz.

And then head over to the Small Beer Press booth where rumor has it there will be ARCs of the new Interfictions 2 book which sports my story “The Long and the Short of Long Term Memory.” Other authors include David Schwartz ( ) and Alan Deniro and Theodora Goss to name a very few of the rad authors in it. It is edited by the always lovely Delia Sherman and ready to Karaoke Christopher Barzak

Both Shop Indie Bookstores and Eternal Kisswere listed as Children’s Galleys to Grab by PW. You should probably grab everything they suggest because I want one of each. Yet instead, I will have to hope that some of those rad books will find their way to me on their own.


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