In which I dance in a style I’ve never tried before

Tonight I joined my fabulous friend Jill Murray, at Studio Sweatshop for a breakdancing class. Jill wrote the YA book , Break on Through, which is about a b-girl crew. It’s a great novel. I loved it. Imagine everything you love about watching a dance movie, like Bring it On or Save the Last Dance, but in a novel. Delicious.

Anyway, she was in a crew back in the day, and still keeps up by taking classes with delightful JoDee (aka Feisty) who is in Solid State Breakdace and was my patient teacher.

I must admit that I am not the best b-girl. But who cares! It was totally fun! I was dancing! And dancing is totally fun! I learned a lot. Like, now, I can Drop the Needle (very gawkily) and do one freeze very well.

Here’s me doing my freeze with Jill cheering me on!

Jill aka “404 Not Found” Murray and Cecil aka “Lil Skull” Castellucci


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