Did you know that rock and roll is good for the soul?


Oh what a treat to go to Austin, Texas to the annual rock blow out SXSW. I was there accompanying one of my BFF’s the divine Miss Melissa Auf der Maur.


She played four shows and just blew everyone away. Her rock is heavy, heartwrenching and delightful. Don’t take my word for it. Billboard rounds up her show nicely as “Best Performance I Don’t Have Another Reason to Write About: Melissa Auf der Maur. No one could tell me if she’s on a label, but she played some really great new material: huge riffs, angry in a good way. ”

You can download some of Melissa’s new songs here.


I hung out with a lot of Canadians. Aren’t Canadians the best? Yep. Pretty much. Take Nardwuar the Human Serviette and Dave from The Evaporators and Gavin from The Wooden Sky. They rule pretty hard. And so does my old Teenage USA label guy Mark DiPietro.

me and mark

Rumor is that I have an unreleased album called For Lovers and Rats that has been collecting cobwebs in my sock drawer. Another rumour is that it is going to be available on iTunes and emusic very soon. I’ll keep you posted on that. If it’s true…

Most fun night, hanging with Adam and Josh from Tinted Windows. We weaved and wandered around 6th street. We ended up seeing way crappy bands, only because we chose our destinations by crazy weird band names and not anyone we really wanted to see, but who cares, it was more about the company and that was fantastic. One band we saw, I’ll call them Hot Potato Band to protect their identity, were writhing and jumping on stage so crazily that I could not process what I was seeing. I suspect their crazy jumping ways contributed largely to how awful they sounded.

“Why are they doing that?” I asked. “It’s bothering me and my eyeballs, not to mention my ears.”

“Cecil, I think that the stage must be very hot,” Adam said. “Clearly it is too hot to stand on. That is why they must jump.”

After that, their performance seemed kind of magnificent because the fact that they could even play on such a devil red hot stage meant they must be triumphant…

See, rock and roll, good for the soul, but perhaps bad for the soles.


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