This and that

Hello, awesome.

The divine Ms. Kara Lareau, the fantabulous editor of my first three novels, has started a new creative consulting service called  bluebird works .

My funny friend, comedian Ryan Flynn  launches his website

And my buddy, my Tron, author  Andrew Aueson’s new novel JoJo and the Fiendish Lot is now out!

Something has been on my mind.  It being the 2000’s and all, it is clearly the FUTURE!!!  I have often wondered when we would begin wearing silver.  You know,  all of us, as a society.  Somehow I felt that we were promised that in the future there would be alot of wearing of silver and jumpsuits or unitards or tunics. i09 thankfully points to a london fashion show that kind of fits my fantasy futuristic fashion bill

You know who would’t be afraid to wear all silver all the time?  The fabulous  Jill Murray who is visiting me right now.  As you can imagine, her and I are causing trouble and drinking champagne while doing it.  Jill not only did a punk list of classical music, but she spearheads the Canadian YA Y-eh) community blog.

Speaking of punk lists, I have just a few more coming up before Beige’s paperback realease on March 10th.  Check them out at Is Beige Punk?

Did you know that my neighborhood in LA is the cradle of the Silent Movie Era?  That’s right.  Silent film stars were all over these here hills making their movies and doing their magic.  So much so that they haunt the streets here.  I swear I saw  Fatty just the other day!  Lately, I’ve been reading a bunch of essay’s on Charlie Chaplin.   And while I like Charlie, the truth is, my heart belongs to Buster Keaton. Happily, for the next six weeks,  Cinefamily’s Silent Wednesday’s is all Buster all the time!  I went and saw Three Ages the other night, and oh, the hilarity!

Speaking of Movies.  My friend Tony Stone’s Viking Film SEVERED WAYS: The Norse Discovery of America is playing in NYC at the  Angelika Film Center starting March 13th.  Please go.  It is fantastic.

That’s it for now my lovelies.


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