Interstitial Arts!

This year I forge new ground.  This year is no novels and all short stories for me.  And more interestingly, all genre short stories!  It’s pretty exciting for a contemporary YA gal like me.   It’s like I am reavealing a new voice, singing with it, and showing a secret part of my heart that I have been longing to share.  Wonderous!

But one story that I am especially proud of my first non-YA short story (that means it’s just a short story!) The Long and Short of Long Term Memory which  I am so happy to announce will be included in the fabulous Interstitial Arts Interfictions II anthology.

The anthology was put together by Delia Sherman and Chris Barza and you can see the whole TOC is on Delia’s journal. And it is an amazing list.  I am so excited and it floors me to be in the mix with them.  *pinches self*

I can’t wait to read all their stories.

And if you are artistically inclined, they are looking for cover art.  You can find info on submitting here.

Deadline is Monday, February 16th. .


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